• Yesterday was our 3rd year anniversary of our C8 Corvette ownership.  In reading the forums and the maintenance schedule for the transmission fluid I decided to bite the bullet and have it done. The maintenance schedule calls for transmission fluid replacement at 45,000 miles or 3 years whichever comes first.  GM can refuse to replace the transmission under warranty if this schedule is not followed. The dash indicator said I had 64% remaining life and the mileage had 29,000 miles remaining.

    In talking to Shawn @ Sands Chevrolet he said the fluid change is a small price to pay for the insurance of keeping the warranty replacement up to the 5 years as they have replaced 2 C8 transmissions and the last one the GM warranty cost was $31,500.
    The fluid replacement estimate, labor & fluid, was $858.52 before tax. With the Sun Country Corvette Club 15% discount the final cost was:
    The fluid cost was $45 per quart/ liter for 10 (it holds 11.5 so some was left in), $250 in labor, $30 is disposal and shop fees and $38 tax.  Total was $767.72 but this included a 15% discount.
    On the C8 forum I have seen actual prices paid from $700 to over $2,000 for the transmission service depending on whether they talk you into replacing the filters also, which you don’t have to do unless you are racing the C8.

    I have had several instances with the dash not working, but in researching it seems you have to start the engine and let all the computers and chips wake you up before you put in gear and take off.  Otherwise, it may do crazy things. One time I just started it and put it in reverse immediately.  it just shut the car off totally and came to an abrupt stop.